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Wedding Videography Services


Call or text (484) 546-4459 for availability and more details. 

Video below shows our incredible skills in capturing audio in the toughest situations

In this HIGH WIND wedding, without the wind noise! Nope, you can't fix bad audio in Post. It must be captured correctly but sometimes, there is nothing we can do depending on the weather severity and what direction the wind is blowing.

Most "economy" videography companies or just hiring a friend to save money can be a costly disaster in the end.


What we charge for our services is not only the beautiful images we deliver, but also our skills and what to do in situations like this.


Don't risk an under skilled professional on your most important day. 

Our wedding Video packages were designed with simplicity in mind and are "A La Carte" meaning that they are fully upgradable using the add-ons services and features below! You decide what extra options you desire, so you only pay what you really need or want. Because no two brides are alike and have specific requirements, we have created a simplistic 2 package options which are pre loaded with everything you need. 



* One Videographer 

* Both, the Groom and Officiant are provided a professional grade Lapel Mic for audio

* Multiple Digital audio recorders at the Ceremony for the most professional audio and incredible detail!

* Video edited in chronological order / full feature video with outstanding clarity and perfect color balance and smooth camera work.

* Direct Audio feed technology of the Reception! Unbelievable audio resolution, unmatched in the region, direct feed from DJ's Mixer!

* Two Blu-Ray Discs included complete with authentic Blu-Ray blue cases + artwork cover and label

* Professional Blu-Ray Disc Authoring with polished Menus, Chapters and Animated Scene Selection Icons

Add-Ons for your wedding packages above. You can freely pick and choose and add what you need and what you don't.

* Bridal preparation. 1 location of your choice $295.00 (home, hotel, salon)     

* All day extra Videographer upgrade (includes the videographer's coverage and our editor's time) $995.00 per extra Videographer

* 5 to 8 minute wedding highlight video simplified $350.00


*10-25 min. a more complex edit storytelling version  + includes an ONLINE share link $695.00 

* True 5.1 State-Of-The-Art Dolby Digital Surround Audio Mastering or DTS-ES Surround Audio $195.00 

* 4K Upgrade (video must be shot originally in 4K at the event (Please call for pricing)


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