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Our LED Retail Studio Lighting Gear. 

Welcome to our retail lighting shop at Art Video Productions. We are one of the rare stores in Lehigh Valley that sell a vast array of LED studio lighting gear for video production, filmmakers, photographers and YouTubers. Other stores may carry some LED lighting gear but we are the largest when it comes to variety and with the brands you know. Everything nowadays is online. In our shop, you get to see, touch and test it before you buy! You can bring your own camera with you and test the lights and you can see right away if the light will do what you want, something you can't do at an online store. Simply tell us what you need, what kind of projects you do and we will guide you with the right gear. 

We have a variety of gear, RIGHT HERE, from beginners to intermediate to Pro level, including BRAND NEW releases that you currently see all over YouTube and major online retailers.
Our items are not just only limited to lighting gear, we also have audio gear and also lighting 
and audio for mobile devices!

And we're not done yet... We offer FREE tech support on anything you purchase from us.
When making a decision in purchasing gear, it's tough, isn't it? No worries here. We will be your sales engineer, with over 32 years of experience in lighting and audio. We know our products from inside and out.

We match any price online! (physical stores)

We'll see you soon!



Here is our YouTube Tech channel.
All about lighting / pro audio / filmmaking 

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