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Not only Art Video Productions films commercials and wedding, we also film and photograph  engagement videos, special occasions, events and even music videos. Here are some samples of the quality of our work

Engagement Video

Engagement Proposal Cinematic Packages Starting at $850.00

Level 1 - Up to 3 hours of filming coverage, fully edited into a Music Video.

It's just like a Photo session your photographer would do,but instead of pictures, its a motion picture (video)  

Level 2 - A two day filming coverage.

Day 1 is the actual shoot at the location desired by the couple of a location by our recommendation. (up to 3 hours of filming coverage)

Day 2 is a mini interview with the couple like... "How we met", "How he proposed" and also a description of what happened at the day of the proposal. The footage shot + the interviews will be fully edited as a storytelling cinematic piece. 


Music Videos

AhRiel Delgado "For Her"   Music Video Studio Recording Style

For Outdoor Music Video projects (call for a quote)

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