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Welcome to our Studio at the Palmer Park Mall!

Starting a business or want to brand yourself without the expense of on location big production costs? 
We also offer in studio budget videos for your website or social media.

In Studio Videos
Starting at 1 hour session. A background of your choice: White, black, textured canvas or textured charcoal backgrounds.

Filming / Session rates:
$250 an hour. 1 camera. Includes footage ONLY, (you edit on your preferred editing software).

If you need us to edit, add $100 an hour for the editing.

- Color grading
- Footage trimming,
- Lower Thirds (Titling that appears on the lower part of the video)
- Audio compression (adds punch for optimal dialogue balance
- EQ (equalization that suits best for voice)

You get:

1- professional audio for your dialogue included

2- A teleprompter Included(write your own script and we'll put it into the teleprompter so you don't have to memorize anything.

3- Full lighting included

Level 2 option:
Same rate and price above. If you need a second camera (for alternate angles,
add $100 per hour for the filming rates

DEMOS (all shot in the studio)

Prices and rates are subject to change without notice

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