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Videography Styles & Investment

Please be sure to read all the way down as this page will guide and educate you with many questions and curiosities

art video productions LLC easton pa lehigh valley premium wedding videographer

All Images by ArtVideo Productions LLC

art video productions LLC easton pa lehigh valley premium wedding videographer

All Images by ArtVideo Productions LLC

Journalistic (our best selling option)


It is usually edited in a linear and chronological fashion, a complete video that documents your wedding from bridal preparations to the reception. Unlike most videography companies lacking pro audio on reception, limited to only providing audio from the camera's mic or a mic on the DJ's speakers, all our packages and video styles offer Television quality audio from all the reception dances and speeches, all captured in full Stereo directly from the DJ's mixer for the ultimate in sound making you feel like you are there again! It will sound so good you won't believe your ears. This is the main reason why brides choose this option through us yet being the most affordable giving you full content coverage as your wedding day, shot and edited in the most professional way, with up to date ediding techniques, meaning, your video edit will never be obsolete. Full video coverage  on Blu-Ray up to 1 hour - 45 minute (all the good stuff that you do want to see) full feature with pin-point precision location chapters, menus, Scene Selection Blu-Ray for the ultimate in navigation.


Cinematic (Requires a crew of at least 4, also for lighting and sound)


The Cinematic style of wedding video is filmed and edited more like a movie with a view to emphasizing the emotion and drama of the day, shot with large sensor cameras to provide depth-of-field (the blurry background look). It may rely more on montages, music or special effects such as slow motion. The camera work of a Cinematic wedding video may feature more movement incorporating sliders and cameras on tracks (for those beautiful sliding shots from left-right) sometimes using camera stabilization systems like a Steadicam to give it a more film-like floating feel. When we shoot in the Cinematic style we may interact more on the day, sometimes setting up shots and directing in much the same way as the wedding photographer. Like the Journalistic style, Cinematic videos tend to last in the region of 60 to 90 minutes and the footage audio from reception can't include everything as the Journalistic can.


Short Form (either from the Cinematic footage or traditional camera footage)


An increasingly popular style of wedding video, this is a highly edited version of your wedding video, which lasts between 15 and 50 minutes. The filming style can be similar to either the Journalistic or Cinematic videos; although this format tends to lend itself better to Cinematic videos as there usually isn’t time to include the ceremony or speeches in full, as would usually be the case in a Journalistic video. We also provide a full length version of the ceremony as a separate feature on the DVD.


Traditional RAW Footage (Great option for brides on a budget)


The opposite of the Short Form, this is the old style of wedding video of the kind you might expect you parents to have or if you don't want to spend the money for the edit. Filmed from start to finish and with minimal editing if any at all, the Traditional wedding video often lasts 2 hours. 


FAQ: "How are our prices set?" That depends what level you are looking at. For instance, our Premium HD Package is still actually less than what your photographer you booked probably charged as standard pricing. 


The photography and videography industry divides into to two categories:


Category 1- Beginners, enthusiasts, part timers or side business individuals investing very little in basic level equipment and minimal knowledge in photography and motion picture. about 75% country wide. They know their budget limit towards investment and knowledge, therefore they have to price very low.


Before going purely on the lowest price you can find online... We sell peace of mind and videographer exclusivity meaning that the videographer you assign will be the same person you signed with, who is going to appear at the day of your wedding, unlike a big company that hires a last minute cheap videographer to cover your wedding, often again charging very low prices. result: The videographer is under paid, therefore unhappy and will care less or not at all for the outcome of your only wedding video. The saying "you get what you pay for" never fails to be true! I'm sure you agree.


Category 2- That's us and a very few others countrywide. Full time, licensed, registered business with extensive Television Broadcast and Cinematography background for 25 years of experience.  Like any real business, we invest some serious money in equipment, technology, workshops, advertising and live from it 100%. Our prices fall just right or slightly below what companies like ours charge for these services. Same goes for select photographers, florists, limo companies and venues. For everything, there is the high end and the low end. Just to give you an idea how tough it is to keep up with this industry, a single Canon PL mount 300mm lens we utilize on our Cinema 4K resolution Sony Cine Alta PMW F55 camera, just the one lens cost similar to a BMW, unlike the consumer cameras and lenses found at local stores for a few bucks, often being the category 1 equipment.


Final product: The way we edit our videos is based on the same approach Television Broadcast does which will never get old, outdated or cheesy like the 80's and 90's edit look that you see all the time that cheap beginner or part time videographers often do. We take it easy on transitions. No cheesy white and pink borders, foggy looks when the bride walks in the aisle, awful barn door edit effects on your video! "Less is more and elegant" We simply use dissolves, fades in black or white and occasional B&Whites and some unicolor scenes. This way, your wedding video will never be outdated or spoiled! 



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