Wedding Videography, in today's competitive industry, there are about 4 styles or ways to produce your wedding video; each one designed for different budgets and client preferences. Each one has its own advantages. Most brides prefer the "Journalistic" style as it has a complete coverage of the wedding, thus being very affordable.


1- Journalistic

2- Cinematic

3- Short Form

4- Traditional


"For more information about these styles please visit our FAQ page.


Our Journalistic style wedding videography starts at $1,995.00 Regardless of which videography style you choose, images are captured beautifully, shot correctly from the very camera's card on raw footage by our talented, well trained professionals rather than "correct later" in post like many others do (which degrades quality)  Please visit our studio in person to view our collections. We always customize your investment and offer discount for off-peak dates.


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