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ALL events: Your choice of Blu-Ray ur USB Drive.
Starts at 4
 hour coverage
$950.00 (edit included)

If your interest is in Photography, please click here: 


Graduations - Birthday Parties - Proms - Private Events - Baby Showers - Baptisms - Office Meetings 

Your choice of Blu-Ray or MP4 HD file on USB Flash Drive

* One Videographer 

* Video edited in chronological order 

* Direct Audio feed from DJ for outstanding sound clarity.

Bar Mitzvah / Sweet 15 &16 (edit included)

HD Video Package / HD (Blu-Ray Only) 6 hour coverage Reception only. $1,699.00 NOW $1,499.00

HD Video Package / HD (Blu-Ray Only) 8 hour coverage with Ceremony $1,899.00 NOW $1,699.00

Additional hours, if required, add $130/hour

* One Videographer 

* High end Wireless lavaliere microphones (at Ceremony) 

* Everything we film has its own dedicated audio source for the best audio reproduction in the industry.

* Video edited in chronological order / full feature video with outstanding clarity and color balance, fluid camera work, shot in full manual control.

* Direct Audio feed technology at the Reception! Unbelievable audio resolution, unmatched in the region

* 2 Blu-Ray Discs included complete with authentic Blu-Ray blue cases + artwork cover and label

* Professional Blu-Ray Disc Authoring with polished Menus, chapters and Animated Scene Selection Icons

* Full High Definition Video / Includes edit, 2 Blu-Ray Discs. Add $24,95 for extra copies

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