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Price: There are brides who are just looking for a "guy with a camera" (and regret later) and the ones who to them the videography really matters to them. Choosing a professional that will capture the event perfectly. They know that when that reception ends, all that's left as a permenent memory of that magical day is the photography and the video. They don't shoot us a quick 10 word email, with no subject, just saying "hey, what are your prices?"...end... They email us with excitment, lots of compliments, providing a quick description what's going on - location, date, venue name and that they can't wait to see if we are available on their wedding date. Thank you all kindly :) Value of Video and Photos: The average person (iPhone and video camera consumers) use their camera by pressing a record button and point at something, then all it takes is to plug in the USB, make a quick CD or just upload it on Facebook or YouTube. That's what filming means to them and how "easy" it is... "So... here we go... "Why should I spend more than $500 on a camera person". With that said, most people are oblivious about the degree of responsibility involved and how extremely challenging filming a wedding can be if you want a product that really is a pleasure to cherrish forever in absolute clarity and a story well told. We don't "panic". We are also trained to adapt quick to whatever happens at a wedding


Videographer Choices: There are as many videographers out there as there are gas stations. Choices are wide, with a potential diffefence quality in a product you will receive. The majority are individuals who are just "weekend warriors", beginners, students, unregistered businesses who are just looking for a "quick buck", Their bargain prices reflect and show instantly on their limit in cinematography knowledge, proper composition and framing, consumer grade equipment and no "eye" for art in photography / video. They also hurt the industry and that sets the standards for everything in this business. Also, don't forget of the editing time involved, disc authoring, menus, label design, shipping, meaning, you're not just hiring a videographer for 6, 8 hours at the Venue... It's actually a 45+ hour event until the disc comes out of the drive and delivered to you very promptly while the whole family's excitement is still in the air!


Competition: We do not compete on prices. As you know, this industry divides in 2 class categories...What you're investing your precious hard erned dollars is our time, your peace of mind, our Brittish punctuality, state of the art cameras and many sophisticated devices we bring, our competence and superior, crisp video & audio that is a pleasure to your eyes and ears, involving many devices to capture that unbelievable sound. High end sound is also extremely time consuming in post production. Like any other service (electricians, lawyers, caterers, venues), if you are looking for the cheapest videographers and photographers, you probably know that you are going to get an inferior product which will end up costing you tears and disappointment. We work on a wedding like there is no tomorrow. And your only event matter to us as it matters to you. That's the difference.




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