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Our clients ask some very thoughtful questions when they’re in the decision-making phase of their wedding planning.

Here are some of the most frequently asked. . .



How would you describe your production style (documentary, cinematic, vintage)?

Is your shooting approach direct or more journalistic?

A great videographer should be able to clearly articulate what their video style is. A wedding video with a cinematic style (usually shot on DSLR or Cinema cameras) resembles a movie, including a trailer at the beginning and montages set to music, which require heavier editing.


Documentary or journalistic videos incorporate live sound and the order of the video will mimic the real-life progression of your wedding day. Vintage-style videos may be shot using 8mm tapes or filters in post-production. If a vendor describes their style differently than what you perceive it to be, that may be a problem.


In addition to judging the finished product, it’s important to consider what impact this will have on the shooting style or package option you chose, so that you know what to expect on the wedding day. "For example, you might see a 'directed' shot in a highlights clip with a close-up of the bride's feet as she walks across the floor. The cinematographer has to set up the dolly and ask the bride to do that—it wasn’t just captured that way,". A videographer with a more journalistic style does the complete opposite: They simply record things as they happen as the wedding naturally unfolds. 


What parts of the wedding day do you film?

This might seem like an obvious question at first glance, but you may notice that certain moments of the wedding day are missing when you start to watch a potential vendor’s films. "One of the biggest complaints in this industry is that couples didn’t understand that certain things wouldn’t be filmed. Additionally, like the photographers, if you hire either one for 8,9,10 hours, it doesn't mean that you'll have 8 hours of raw video or a click every second. Each vendor has a style / policy. We however cover everything that you'll want to see in your video like: During filming, we cover Bridal Prep, entire ceremony, some candid shots at the church while your photographer is shooting. Then from there, if your package features a single videographer, we obviously will go from the church pictures straight to the cocktail (the part you don't see and captured on video for you while your photographer is shooting you at the park) so you get 2 things at the same time. Reception: The entire reception (formalities) is covered in full without interruptions the entire duration of the first dance, parents, bouquet, garter, speeches, blessings, cake cutting etc. It's a complete video coverage with everything you wish on a video regardless the package! 


How long will it take to receive my film / video?
Average delivery time of your film is 1-4 months. Here’s the equation: we film approximately 20-25 weddings a year. Each film takes us approx. 2 weeks to produce. The exact timeframe is relative to the number of commissions we accept, what time of year your wedding occurs and where we sit with our editing schedule when your wedding is filmed. All of these elements are impossible to gauge with exact precision which is why we cannot guarantee exact delivery dates. In order to guarantee your movie will be done to our impeccable standards, we place immense measures of care and creativity in the editing of your movie. In order to retain this signature style, we do not outsource the editing at any time. Therefore, we ask for your patience and understanding of our timelines and our craft, before and after hiring us to film your day.


What kind of camera equipment do you use? How do you capture audio throughout the wedding day?

We use the best, most advanced gear available today. Many vendors can't even dream of having the equipment we have.

our equipment is always new and re purchased as insanely as every 2 years! All is in top performing order and the latest in technology.


What is your style on the day of filming?

We are discrete thus energetic, yet we capture it all, even with 1 cameraman (on select packages). The minimum resolution we film is in High-Definition/Widescreen with our signature floating-shot style (on select packages) . Weddings are un-staged events. There is no second take and moments are fleeting. Based on the experience we have, the equipment we use, we are prepared to deal with most unforeseen situations and provide a solution immediately thinking fast! We are able to document what is happening with both the bride and groom before the ceremony. We capture the bride walking down the aisle AND the expression on the groom’s face as she walks toward him. Not only do we film your toasts but we also capture the genuine reactions of you and your guests during these heartfelt moments (2 cameras or more). We seek out the extraordinary moments and the small details that make your day unique.

How does the payment process work?
We realize the cost of a wedding film is a considerable investment. For that reason, we have a flexible payment plan that allows the cost of your film to be deferred over the course of a year or more. We require only 1/3 to secure the date and the other 2/3 payable anytime you like until prior to the wedding day. The balance is due before the wedding day.

Can we pick our own music?
We welcome your song choices and will make every effort to incorporate your requests into your film, however, you really have to be careful and selective thinking if the songs you chose mean something to you (not a generic song recommended by your wedding coordinator) and moreover, a song that will deliver emotions and fit the edit properly. If you don’t have specific songs in mind, we can suggest music based on your preferred genre.

What is a same day edit?
One of the biggest trends in wedding videography right now is the Same-Day Edit. It’s an incredible and emotionally powerful video presentation that we create ON YOUR WEDDING DAY with your WEDDING DAY FOOTAGE that we capture during the morning, afternoon and early evening. You and your guests will be treated to our expert editors at your reception. It’s guaranteed to be the one thing that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Can my wedding be featured anywhere online like facebook, You Tube, Vimeo?
Of course. This is considered an extra option and available at our price list "Add-Ons" If you are interested in having your wedding featured online by our servers, please let us know so that you can automatically be considered during the review process. 
as long as it does not contain Copyrighted music, meaning any song that the DJ is playing at the Reception as well.


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