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Art Video Productions LLC is a full time video production company since 1991, fully insured and licensed business based in

Easton / Palmer Township PA. In the wedding photography / Videography business, it is very rare to actually be a registered and insured legitimate company.


On your wedding day, investing in quality photography and Videography provides a lifetime of reward, the same care and tough selection you thought of when picking your flowers, finding a competent minister, a beautiful venue that will have everything you want. Most brides find out the hard way after the wedding day that Video is just as critical and important as the cake, flowers, DJ and photographer. The limo is actually the least important...


To keep it sweet and short in this page, we will just mention three very fundamental things that you simply can't find on low end videographers delivering not exactly what you'd expect as a beautiful memory. 


1- Video: Sharp images, perfect color balance, deep blacks and pure whites.

2- Audio: Perhaps even more important than the Video itself if we are speaking of a true professional Videography. Audio is HUGE. And difficult to achieve.

​3- We sell Peace of mind and videographer EXCLUSIVETY. Yes! MOST important of all. With us, rest assured that you wedding video will be done PROFESSIONALLY and the videographer you chose will be that person, always dressed in a black suit and tie, summer or winter. Because we have the experience and a reputation to keep.


So...Where is your wedding taking place? NY, DE, NJ, PA? No problem.


We offer a wide geographic coverage in Lehigh Valley including Easton PA, Bethlehem PA, Allentown PA, also Philadelphia PA, New Jersey, Delaware. We shoot ANYWHERE you like up to 100 mile radius from our location, Easton PA 18045 so distance is not a problem.


Every year, we invest in us and you, serious money in brand new shiny equipment combined with our experience in Wedding / Corporate / Commercial  Videography and pure passion and love in what we do since 1991.


We are obsessed in adopting the latest technology as soon as it comes, in fact, so new that most consumers in the world have not yet heard about! We're are talking about the glorious 4K video resolution which is 4 times the resolution of HD which is already becoming the "standard definition" of today, just like DVD was the old format.


2010 - present

2010 - present

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